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Robotic Process Automation

Streamline your operations with automation that mimics the way humans interact

Free your people to great things. Our dedicated Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service unifies your current human workforce with digitally deployed software robots that are built to manage your complex infrastructure, tasks, and operations with utmost security. From financial services to healthcare, many industries are intelligently turning opportunities into scalable success with Payoda’s RPA services.

How can we help you?

Business Process Automation

Utilize your workforce efficiently by automating monotonous tasks and focusing on exclusive work. Our AI-driven RPA services help you not only save time and money but also to complete tasks much faster.

Assess your existing workflows, processes, and platforms to identify the automation roadmap in business functions such as finance, customer service, and HR

Automate your complex and time-consuming day to day processes with ease

Compare and measure in real-time, the value of human and automated work in your business.

Advanced Automation

We develop bots that interact with your applications, automatically ingest your data, process unstructured information to generate structured billing reports at your fingertips. With AI implemented, you can spot trends and insights that highlight any major dips or spikes

Seamlessly generate invoices, collect payments and handle approvals.

Significantly reduce manual intervention in calculations

Manage formulae without altering the code

Digital Workforce

Deploy software robots, use intelligent chatbots and interactive voice responses to handle simple tasks, handle queries and answer questions without human interference. Choose the bot to carry out the entire process or only the specific part of the process.

Our software bots reduce manual intervention by more than 40%.

Helps you focus more on human-to-human tasks.

Build an agile pre-defined process.