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Test automation has become critical to businesses, to fast track delivery and ensure quality

Businesses often invest heavily in their testing processes to ensure high-quality defect-free products and applications. A fail-proof Test Automation Framework will help clients effectively test their applications with two goals - radically reduced cost and measurably increased speed. By coupling this with agile and DevOps principles, we provide test automation services that work not as an independent function, but rather as a tightly integrated process to achieve quality across the software development process.

How can we help you?

Functional Testing

We work collaboratively with your team and test the product at each phase of the SDLC to ensure functionality, stability, and reliability of the product are achieved at a reduced time. Using our customised workflows and test cases, we ensure your product conforms with your business necessities, be fully-functional and glitch-free.

Under Functional Testing Solutions we offer:

Integration Testing

System Testing

Web Functional Automation


Mobile Functional Automation

Desktop Functional Automation

Test Automation

Our seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience in automation testing help release a perfected product at an accelerated pace. QA engineers who specialise in automation testing will effortlessly provide the optimal testing solutions to your project and quickly identify the test cases to achieve functionality, reliability, scalability, and error-free software at the development stage.

How we do it

Develop the test automation strategy and define the scope

Setup the test environment and configure

Generate data for automation testing

Choose the appropriate framework like Appium, Selenium, or Protractor

Migrate test scripts from other platforms if necessary

Collaborate with the DevOps team to ensure test cases are run whenever any change is made to the software to avoid reworks at a later stage

Performance/Load Testing

Developing applications or digital products that are high performing under any load is monumental. Performance Testing, one of the non-functional testing solutions, ensures apps are scalable, usable, quick and responsive even under any high loads.

Our proficient performance test engineers employ load and performance testing to assess and authenticate the usability, scalability, reliability, and responsiveness of a software or an application. We have deep-rooted knowledge in using tools like JMeter, Load Ninja, Smartmeter.io, LoadUi, LoadRunner, NeoLoad to perform load testing, identifying bottlenecks and eliminating any defects that affect performance.

Load Test: Assess the performance of the software or app under different loads using particular tools to ensure performance is not compromised.

Stress Test: Determine the maximum capacity of the software and identify any performance glitch that may arise under unfavourable test conditions.

Endurance Test: Identity the upper limit of the app by exposing it to higher loads for a long time.

Soak Test: Assess the stability of the software or app by monitoring the performance of the app under a specific load for an extended period of time.

API Testing

API testing is one of the best ways to identify any defects in the code, unravel any unnecessary or redundant codes in your software, and verify them. Our team of competent QA engineers will

Review the API specifications

Develop appropriate test plans and use cases

Choose the right tools from jMeter, Robot Framework, SOAP UI, Katalon, Ranorex, REST - Assured Postman, Postwoman

Integrate CI/CD pipelines

Perform testing and document the results

IoT Testing

Iot Testing demands meticulousness and a complex skill set which our QA engineers possess. We perform extensive testing of the IoT devices to make sure they are flawlessly connected, safe, and conform to the requirements. Our comprehensive IoT testing guarantees that IoT enabled devices are


Highly secured from third-party threats

Performing exceptionally

Complying with business needs


Security Testing

Security threats and privacy breaches have been increasingly attacking several online platforms. Payoda’s security and penetration testing helps you uncover any vulnerabilities in your web application, increase your cyber-safety, and reduce risks to a bare minimum. Security testing on a high level will consist of

Architecture Review

Threat modelling

Source code review and assessment

Automated scanning

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Attack and Penetration Testing



Performance Optimization

We ensure that an app or software performs in a desired fashion by testing the design, code, and performance using various testing solutions. Using our profound knowledge in tools like jProfiler, AQTime, Appdynamics, we identify the threats and opportunity for optimisation.

Our performance engineers will optimise the app by

Working with the developers to enhance the code

Optimising architecture and design

Optimising infrastructure

Eliminating bottlenecks

Application Testing

Our team of certified test engineers will make sure you have a flawless web application before its launch. Our team efficiently handles the increase in complexity and defects that arise during development to decrease time and cost. We are proficient in ASQ tools such as jProfiler, AQTime, Appdynamics to perform functional testing on your web application to make it defect-free, and user-friendly regardless of the platform that users use.

We carefully gather user requirements, identify requirement gaps and user story pointers, create exhaustive test cases to perform the following testing to ensure performance:

Exploratory testing

Ad-hoc testing

Smoke, sanity, regression testing

White box testing

Backward compatibility testing

System testing

Integration testing

Usability testing

Responsive testing

Our scope of industries includes Finance, Shipping and Logistics, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, and Food industry. We meticulously maintain a defect lifecycle, perform root cause analysis and error guessing, and carefully draft documentation for Test Completion. We do the following testing solutions based on the product to achieve perfection:

Cross browser testing

Portability testing


Matrix based testing

Risk based testing

Requirement testing

Static testing

Acceptance testing support

Heuristics/analytical data based testing

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Our adept test engineers are competent in integrating functional automation testing for web & mobile applications, API, and non-functional testing like performance to the CI/CD servers to ensure timely delivery of the product. We:

Work collaboratively with the developers to ensure high-performance and no delays

Are proficient in tools like JIRA, Bamboo, and Microsoft Azure

Mobile Application Testing

Test Engineers at Payoda offer a range of mobile application testing services to ensure your app performs perfectly once released. We use real devices and cloud device farms such as AWS device farm, Sauce Labs, Xamarin test cloud, Perfecto, Firebase test lab, and Kobiton to authenticate the usability, functionality, scalability, and compatibility of the mobile apps.

We discern the performance of the device by checking the battery, data and memory consumption and network-driven testing to ensure we deliver a glitch-free app

We test mobile apps on various platforms such as iOS, Android, Emulators, OTT & Streaming systems

Validate the app end-to-end to make certain it complies with the market demands

Database Testing

At Payoda, we follow a sequential and quick database testing methodology by gathering requirements, analysing the database structure and correlations, creating manual query lists and stored procedures and then automating the same to check the functioning of the DB on a daily basis.

We possess experience in performing performance testing on DB related actions using our ASQ tools.

We are skilled in using the database testing tools such as SolarWinds database analyzer, DataFactory, SQL Test, SQL Server, Oracle SQL developer, NoSQLUnit, SQLMap, and SeLite.

Testing Engineers
Projects Successfully Completed
Devices in Testing Lab
Total Testing Cost Saved

Our approach can impact your idea

Proprietary Center of Excellence

Our TCoE is comprised of highly experienced test analysts and engineers with technical competence as well as deep-rooted industry experience.

High returns on your QA investments

Our TCoE is comprised of highly experienced test analysts and engineers with technical competence as well as deep-rooted industry experience.

Goal-Oriented Approach

Our TCoE is comprised of highly experienced test analysts and engineers with technical competence as well as deep-rooted industry experience.

Tailored for diverse needs

Our TCoE is comprised of highly experienced test analysts and engineers with technical competence as well as deep-rooted

Why us?

We have certified test engineers with an average of 5+ years of experience in testing

We use over 50 leading Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tools that our QA engineers are well-versed in

We own 100+ devices in our testing lab that serve any kind of client requirement

We offer bespoke testing solutions and methodologies that save at least 35% of testing time

We offer a customisable testing approach, blending both functional and nonfunctional testing solutions that help release 100% error-free digital products

Mohan Bharathi K V SrinivasanSenior Test Lead

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