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To win in the highly competitive market that we are in today, businesses need a three-pronged approach – reduced cost-to-market, faster time-to-market, and superior quality.

At Payoda, we enable you to envision a future proof product development strategy that ensures a sustainable competitive edge. We guide you to leverage the best technical capabilities and anticipate evolving market demands, innovation cycles, value chains, and economics, to maximize your business value.

Our agile driven product development approach has the capability to handle the entire lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment covering the full span of product development and engineering solutions. We deliver custom product development solutions across industry domains for web, desktop, SaaS, mobile, immersive and IoT. Our Quality CoE has devised a proven process to integrate testing into every step of the development process ensuring that every product delivered by Payoda has been uncompromised on quality.

How can we help you?

New product ideation

Successful innovation requires collaboration between people across a wide variety of skill sets from high-level strategists who validate your concept to software engineers who add nuts and bolts to your end product. Our team comprises people with the expertise and experience to transform your concept into a fully functional robust software product. We develop an effective product roadmap with achievable milestonesfrom right from ideation to validation to implementation.

Application development

Application development is our passion and our engineering skills define us. We have partnered with businesses that demand performance and responsiveness of the highest levels from financial institutions to retail analytics, have delivered, always. We leverage years of experience building custom software to help you deliver best-in-class applications for web, mobile, and emerging technologies like AR, VR, and IoT.

Legacy Transformation

We help businesses modernize your products to keep up with evolving technologies. Our expert team of engineers ensures smooth and seamless migration of your applications and products from legacy platforms to new ones. We help you devise a transition plan by assessing relevant migration strategies, re-engineering services, and re-architecture plans.

Product enhancement

Changing market dynamics can put immense pressure on you to keep innovating existing products and offerings. We help you perform product gap analysis, conceptualize target state and work on a detailed product roadmap and architecture, to drive adoption and utilization.

Product Testing

Superior quality defines the success of any product. By implementing specialized testing services by leveraging technology, industry expertise, and advanced testing techniques, we help you achieve enhanced business performance by reducing time-to-market, providing better experiences and facilitating scalability.

System Integration

Our dedicated team of engineers has managed business-critical system integration engagements for ISVs. We define the integration guidelines, customization requirements, tech stack, frameworks and tools for efficient and seamless integration under tight timelines.

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Why us?

Payoda has a huge clientele distributed around the world. This diversity and enormity bring in profound knowledge of best practices and technological resources that is reflected in our exceptional business solutions and work processes.

Our designers and developers constantly support you through the whole life cycle process. Right from inception, ideating, designing, installing and maintenance – We partner with you, understanding your needs, imbibing your ideas, building and maintaining your products so that you can enjoy the benefits.

As a solution provider, Payoda is focussed on engineering products that will earn you better returns through scalability and improved process efficiency. Our product enhancement features cater to your present and also your future needs. These solutions are an anchor when it comes to surviving in increasingly hostile business environments.

We take ownership of end to end product development so that you can focus on other relevant business concerns. Our products are constantly scrutinized and subjected to various testing protocols before they get delivered.

The in-house team of Payoda embrace new challenges and are technically competent. This invincible human capital is Payoda’s greatest asset from where we draw the strength to spearhead some of the most daunting and demanding projects.

Why us?

Faster Time to Market.

Our expert team of Product Engineers get things done well and get them done fast. By following a highly iterative development process built on the principles of Agile and DevOps we shorten feedback loops, prevent delays, avoid expensive last-minute surprises and achieve on-time deliveries. By tightly coupling testing with the entire development lifecycle, we ensure the applications are always flawless.

Your innovation partner.

We help you carve your innovative ideas into reality. We help you validate the purpose of your product, prepare for emerging market trends and make a lasting impact by pushing the boundaries of your industry. We enable you to leverage your existing software set-up, adopt new technologies and encourage a culture that fosters innovation.

Flexible engagement models.

You control your costs. Don’t be weighed down by massive costs and overheads. Decide which engagement model works best for you and we will make it happen. We are super flexible.

We focus on creating business value.

Your goals are our drivers. We focus our efforts and capabilities to help you achieve value, be it to customers adoption or customer experience.

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