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Payoda Analytics Platform

Combining data and intelligence to meet your enterprise needs.

Our AI-based analytics solution helps you to make decisions with confidence. With just a few clicks, our platform connects you with an on-premise cloud, aggregating various information sources, complete with standard dashboards to enable data-driven decision-making throughout your organization. Our solutions also operate with proactive security measures.

How do we do it?

Risk Analytics Solution

Today's financial firms face unprecedented pressure to manage costs and deploy innovative solutions that can swim through massive amounts of data in pursuit of alpha, all while simultaneously managing risk. The complexity of today’s financial environment can be overwhelming, yet those who navigate this turbulence are rewarded handsomely.  

Implementing Payoda’s Risk Analytics platform by leveraging the power of advanced data analytics and technology provides businesses with a competitive edge while also ensuring operational excellence. Payoda's Risk Analytics solution is truly an institutional  asset that helps firms manage risk with the benefits of reward.

Payoda has leveraged the promise of AI and Big Data with the power of Cloud computing

Efficiently manage risk through the power of advanced analytics.

Smart Call Centre Solution

Increase revenue, improve customer experience (CX), and enhance customer service agent productivity.

Meeting the needs of today’s customers has to be seamless for businesses. Most call centers today use traditional technologies to provide service to their prospects and customers, but have you thought about leveraging data analytics to improve the customer experience, increase client retention, and enhance customer service agents' productivity? .? Payoda's Smart Call Center solution helps companies identify business inhibitors their customer service agents face and inform them on effective responses.

Predict the top ten customer feedback Issues in real-time, by geography, zip code, state, and city.

Hyper personalization – Understand what potential marketing program will be most appealing to your prospect/client.

Convert voice calls to text and analyze sentiment analysis, problem tagging, and search the converted text for previous problems (elastic search).

Our solution is focused on improving the customer experience and increasing the quality of call center operations by enhancing agent productivity and efficiency. Our Smart Call center Solution extracts vital information from customer interactions and identifies customer scores, all while providing agents with conversational intelligence.

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