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Omni Channel Insurance Platform

Understanding Your Customer’s Journey - Omnichannel  Data Aggregation

The insurance industry was one of the first industries to be disrupted based solely on developing seamless digital customer journeys. The continued wave of digital transformation and by an increasingly tech-savvy customer has pressured insurers to fortify their online presence and provide a consistent, integrated experience throughout all communication mediums. Omnichannel insurance messaging complimented by AI capabilities has proved vital in keeping customers engaged, reducing churn rate, and meeting their ever-growing desire to be serviced by convenience based on a constantly evolving technology landscape.

How can we help?

We empower insurers to provide enhanced service to their customers via self-servicing options, which can increase insurance agent productivity by helping them close new business swiftly with minimal involvement. In addition, the Omnichannel Insurance platform's interface is built using “adjustable widgets” that allow data to seamlessly integrate with an insurance enterprise’s individual lines of business technology,  giving them the ability to control features such as security, access, payment transactions, and administration.

Payoda’s Omnichannel Insurance platform helps automate:

Quote generation, policy issuance, policy renewals, claims to process, and endorsements in real-time 

Omnichannel Insurance platform supplies ready-made templates for Motor, Home, Travel, Life, Medical, and Marine lines of business

Integrates web, mobile, kiosks, social channels for Agencies, Brokers, and Client

How do we do it?

The experience a company must provide is as important as its products and services, and yet there’s a massive disconnect between what customers are expecting and what most insurance companies are delivering.

Traditionally, Insurance was viewed as a commodity product, but over the past decade, the market landscape has become saturated with an overflow of different insurance product options creating a more sophisticated buyer. So, to meet the changing needs, Insurers must deliver a superior customer experience (CX), and Payoda helps you do it!

Self Service Capabilities 

Personalized Offers at Scale

Secure Payment Gateways

Streamlined Operations

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