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Experience Design

BanyanX, our creative team lets your customers experience unlimitedness!

Our creative team combines strategy, research and design into a single solution to cultivate purposeful relationships with the users

User Experience designing is a multidisciplinary approach which focuses on branding, usability, functionality, and designing of a product. In today’s world, customer experience is a very important facet that decides the success of a business and Payoda gets the hang of it just right.

Payoda empathizes with the customers, creates intuitive designs and interfaces that the end-users relate with. We work immersively with our clients to comprehend their requirements and envisage the optimal digital product that best suits their business needs.

How can we help you?

Designing products and services
that engage your audience

Discovery workshops - Bringing key stakeholders together, we'll facilitate workshops to explore and define your organization's customers and objectives. Getting everyone aligned before you start is key to any project.

Digital Strategy - Define an actionable plan that meets both business and customer needs.

Wire-framing and rapid prototyping - Define the detail of your service as early as possible with fully designed prototypes to reduce time and budget. This enables you to test early with members and share with stakeholders so you can get amends and useful feedback before you've built something costly.

Customer experience map and information architecture - Design the blueprint for your services to create a seamless experience for your members. Establish a shared understanding of how your services are delivered and unearth where to focus your effort for improvement

Understanding your audience -
delivering actionable insight

User experience audits - Independent audit that provides recommendations for improvement.

Content strategy - Content is critical but often overlooked. We'll help you define what content you need, what you can evolve, and a plan to create, manage and deliver it.

Customer research and testing - Find out what your customers really want.

Digital transformation that puts
your customer, at the heart

User Interface Design - From desktop websites to mobile apps, we have designed interfaces for almost every type of screen.

Usability Testing - Conducting user-testing sessions and performing detailed analysis to transform data into actionable design improvements. We use different methods to gather user feedback that range from the remote user testing to one-on-one sessions.

Interaction Design - The visual appeal of your product has an extensive impact on users. We employ user-centered design to produce a cohesive, predictable, and desirable effect on the target audience.

Front-end Development - Using the latest technologies, we make sure the design is translated into a functioning code at the pixel level.

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Our Approach can impact your idea

At Payoda, we work as an integrated team of experts in various disciplines including designing, analysts, and technologists who meticulously focus on the details and aim to be creative and innovative to achieve top-notch quality in your digital product. We


We work closely with our clients and ask the right questions to discern their business goals, identify challenging areas that need more attention, understand their opportunities and underlying threats.

We conduct a series of User Research, Contextual Inquiry, and UX Audit to devise a plan to build an innovative digital product that end-users appreciate.


Understanding your end-users as to what they really need and value aids us in unravelling an optimal roadmap to increase engagement. We custom build roadmaps based on our research and understanding. We layout the information architecture, persona, user journey, sketch wireframe, build prototypes and validate the product.


Design is now paramount to any business. Our talented designers will meticulously design the products with the business perceptive intact. They will seamlessly translate the strategies to designs to provide a straightforward and extraordinary experience to the user.

Our designers will create interactive designs using low-fidelity mockups, and then create intelligent and elegant interfaces, finally test them for usability.


Our adept front-end developers and designers will work collaboratively and iteratively to develop apps or other digital products that are flexible, usable, and reliable.

They will integrate the style guides, and define the visuals to implement visual language into functional prototypes and applications. Code optimization and User Acceptance Testing will be carried out in the end to validate the usability and reliability of the product.

Our human-centric design approach


We understand your vision, goal, pain points, dream, and your world better through various research methods.

User Research

Contextual Inquiry


Customer Research

UX Audits


We layout a strategy by defining the actionable plan that meets both customer and business needs.

Information Architecture


User Journey

Wireframe Sketching

Rapid Prototyping & Testing


We translate strategy to ideas. Evolving ideas, iterating conceptions, sketching, drafting, and finally visualizing the goal.

Interaction Design

Low Fidelity Mock-up

Micro Interactions

UI Design

Usability Testing


We integrate style guides, build assets, and define the visuals to implement visual language into functional prototypes and applications.

Front End Development

Code Optimization

Customer Research & Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Ganesh KumarVP-Strategic Initiatives

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Ask our UX Strategist on how to create applications that are visually aesthetic and provides an interactive User Experience.

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