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Revolutionizing the business of Communication

The Telecommunications industry is today standing at the brink of a new age. An age that is going to witness the culmination of disruptive and ground breaking technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Cloud Computing. While the telecom companies are trying to capitalize on these technologies and grow substantially the big question remains to be answered. Who could be the right Technological partner to assist you in this digital transformation- providing you constant support and build a strong IT forte that can lead you to your desired destination?

How can we help you?

Smart Call Centre

It is time you changed your traditional call centres and KPI’s that never could really quantify your CSR’s performance or your customer’s satisfaction. Payoda’s smart call centre solutions are equipped with AI powered Speech Analytics that helps you transcribe and analyze every customer interaction. With the special Text to Speech capability you can gain insights about customer demands and preferences.

Some attributes of our Smart AI Enabled Call Centre

Through systematic sentiment and emotional analysis applications you can comprehend the customer's attitude and their satisfaction with the Customer Service Representative’s response.

Our smarter AI systems help you to assess your CSR’s performance in real time and increase their efficiency by planned interventions.

Eliminate the need for time and money consuming customer surveys with our comprehensive Text Analysis. Now you can gauge your customer’s experience and take right workforce optimization efforts.

With real-time data analytics, you can accurately predict the number of CSRs required in a particular region, time slot so that your customer calls never go unattended.

Get access to even the smallest of information while managing your call centres remotely with our sophisticated AI and ML based analytical solutions.

Revenue Assurance

Revenue leakage is one of the most challenging concerns for a telecom provider. With Payoda’s coherant Revenue Assurance solutions, you can eliminate these leakages and ensure good returns. Our robust systems are built to accommodate, probe and analyse enormous transactions and help you realize profits and cut losses through an overall process development.

Identify and eliminate revenue leakage points.

Improve your billing accuracy with our sophisticated accounting software and ensure you do not face revenue loss.

Through our exhaustive costing and pricing solutions, we help you to manage revenue.

Our RA systems are connected to subscription management data. The insights you get, help you to manage customer attrition and plan the right mix of services your customers will instantly subscribe to.

Reduce the revenue loss due to fraud billing systems, redundantly provided service and other such fraudulent practices.

Fraud Detection

Fool proof your telecom business environment with our comprehensive and thoughtfully designed Fraud Management Systems. Telecommunications fraud is considered as one of the most dominant causes for revenue leakage but it need not be anymore. Our FMS can detect persistent and invasive frauds at the earliest and ensure you nurture your customer relationships while preserving your brand identity.

Our expertise in managing varied types of fraud makes us your ideal tech partner to garner more revenue and cut down on losses.

With our pre- configured FMS you can exercise better control on inbound and outbound traffic.

Our systems proactively detect fraud trends and evolving fraudulent patterns by analysing real time data. Any anomalies and activities breaking rules, thresholds and profiles are identified in real time.

Through appropriate FMS alarms and triggers, you get instant notifications. This enables a quicker response to fraudulent activities. Thus revolutionizing your Fraud detection system and securing your business model.


With the future of Telecommunications industry dependent on 5G, Our Multi-access Edge Computing provides an IT ecosystem with ultra-low latency, high bandwidth and access to real-time network data. This perfect concoction of 5G and MEC can have groundbreaking results for your telecomm business.

MEC is the best type of Information and Communications Technology integration. This not only promises to provide low latency but applications developed using MEC when coupled with 5G network can deliver great user experience, thus augmenting the quality of your customer service.

With the Cloud MEC architecture, data is obtained and is acted upon instantly. This results in superior performance and improved security. The MEC truly compliments and extends the capabilities of 5G, thus allowing you to stay competitive and attract more customers.

The MEC is specially built to accommodate the enormous IoT loads on your 5G network. It addresses the challenges like energy use and battery life. Leverage the power of this technological innovation to exploit the full potential of the 5G network and provide your customers the best experience ever.

With this radical architecture you can easily meet the diverse network requirements of all the 5G use cases. Right from high speed fixed wireless, mobile broadband services to enhanced IoT capabilities.

Content Recommendation Engine

Our customizable recommendation engine filters various set of data cohere with layers of business requirements and recommends the most relevant items to users.

Recommendation engine with real-time intelligence

Utilize behavioral-based machine learning to deal with first-time visitors

Enrich recommendations with positive signals (user clicks and completes action) and negative signals (someone drops or not chosen etc.,)

Value seasonal trends and consumer patterns to make recommendations more relevant

Media on Cloud

Enable seamless delivery of live, linear, and on-demand content anywhere, anytime, to any device

Help your customers build highly available, broadcast-quality video workflows in the cloud

Help deliver content to thousands of users with almost no downtime ensuring customer satisfaction

Ensure content security during storage and streaming through DRM and encryption technologies

Scale the services based on demand thus optimizing running costs and ensuring availability

Video On Demand

Get everything you need to launch your own Multi-Screen OTT Video On Demand (VOD) Platform with us!

End to End support  to complete VOD software solutions and enables  to  more engagement with apps and  increase sales revenue with apps by designing the apps for optimal user experience and engagement

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Our Approach can impact your idea

Open Banking

Analytics – Large customer data shared through API’s are retrieved, stored and analysed by our analytical masterminds

AI/ML – With powerful and robust artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques our data scientists draw actionable insights regarding your customer needs and their buying behaviours. We help you to build business modes, design products and enhance your operational efficiency

Wealth Management- By unlocking the full potential of open banking you can help your customers save, invest and manage their finances better.

Commercial Banking (B2B)

Transforming you into a data-driven organization, deriving actionable insights that help you to deliver value to your customers.

Utilization of artificial intelligence-powered algorithms to rebuild business models that are high on efficiency and ROI.

Automated banking processes, means speedy operations resulting in better customer satisfaction levels.

Our Expertise can assure your Distinctiveness

Technical Curiosity

Our teams are always on the search of new solutions and technical capabilities that can help enterprises horizontally scale up their operations

Strategic Competence

With a team of high profile data analysts, Developers and Design engineers, Payoda stands out among the other IT service providers with its zest for technology and innovation. Our experienced technical crew can help you revamp your existing IT assets and Pro-create digitally astounding IT infrastructure with which your entity can attain the pinnacle of success and reign supreme above your competitors.

Adaptable and Undeterred by Change

We easily accept and embrace change. Our workforce are accustomed to an agile working atmosphere that enhances their resilience and adaptability. This is reflected in the futuristic applications we design and develop for our clients.

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