IoT Framework Connected to the Cloud | Textile Industry Case Study
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IoT & Connected machines help the Textile Manufacturing industry improve productivity

A centralized monitoring system based on an IoT-enabled framework coonected to the cloud that boosts production by 54% for our textile industry client. PLCs that communicate with the cloud environment are connected to the framework. Several machines with different PLCs were not interconnected at the client's facility—this complicated remote monitoring of machines and management of defects.

The client required a reinvented IT infrastructure to implement an IoT framework connected to the cloud:

  • Easily monitor machines and trigger alarms in case of failures
  • Control and change machine parameters through a web interface or a mobile application
  • Achieve scalability with the cloud and reach customary targets

The manufacturer achieved scalability by implementing an interconnected IoT framework connected to the cloud through PLCs. The client was able to leverage the benefits of analytics to foresee uncertainties, predict failures, enable remote monitoring of machines, and improve efficiency by 54%.

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