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Digital Personality tool for a leading US Telecom solutions provider

A leading US Telecom solutions provider empowers customer care representatives through Digital personality tool and witnesses better customer satisfaction rates. The client observed that most of the calls in the call center ended with the customer being dissatisfied. The client required a solution that could empower the customer care representatives and help them provide instant and appropriate responses to the customers. The objectives set for the project were
  • To provide suitable responses to customer queries, following organization common branding guidelines.
  • To implement a smart call center solution that could provide valuable customer related insights to the customer care representatives, thus ensuring better customer experience
Payoda proposed a Smart Customer Service Automation Tool, based on NLP that enabled the client to improve customer satisfaction with every call response. The customer care executive received insights about the customer personality and suggestions for framing a right response that was in tune with the customer’s concern and the brand regulations. This helped the client improve customer experience; reduce time taken for responding and optimizing the call center operations.

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