Banking Financial Services and Insurance

Leveraging Advanced Technologists For Global Competition

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is undergoing one of the most comprehensive digital transformations of any industry in the world. Competition to deliver innovation at scale has motivated market participants to leverage the most advanced technologies available to maintain relevance. Payoda helps global financial institutions successfully exploit the promise of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to drive new customer acquisition, deliver accretive revenue streams, and compete in a hyper-competitive global environment.

Agile Digital Transformation Architecture

Technology, data, processes, and organizational change are part of the larger whole. We've been a part of, advised on, or researched hundreds of digital transformations throughout the years. Financial leaders are striving to adopt digital transformation activities to keep organisations competitive, albeit at varying speeds, in order to meet consumer needs and match today's pace of innovation by being able:

Scale cost-effectively with our agile digital transformation architecture

Leverage advanced analytics and empower evidence-driven decisions

Automate, optimize, and digitise operations, integrate various fintech technologies

Portfolio Risk analytics for Banking Financial services and Insurance Industry

Portfolio Risk Analytics

Platforms engineered by Payoda in partnership with leading global financial institutions have won awards from international industry observers. Our development teams have engineered platforms that combine sophisticated risk analytic algorithms with highly scalable processing engines to enable a comprehensive portfolio view of benefits and possible exposures to enhance your decision making capability.

Highlights of platform engineered by Payoda:

Global Multi-Asset Class Models and Analytics

AI/ML Engine for Fund Recommendations/ Portfolio Optimization

Customized Reporting and User Interface

Rigorous Data Checks / QC Processes

Data Analytics

Digital technologies are at the forefront of transformation initiatives as global enterprises compete in the new normal. Growth in IT spend is expected to be largely driven by investments in digital technologies as enterprises scale up digital transformation efforts across business units. Investment in digital technologies is expected to double from 2020 levels to approximately US$2.4 trillion in 2024, and data & analytics is expected to be one of the fastest growing segments. This outlook is perfectly aligned with Payoda’s continued investments in data analytics, ML, AI while continually building solutions that provide businesses the ability to:

We create and execute on a data strategy that manages high volumes, different formats and variety of sources

Enable hyper personalization for differentiated user experience

Gather business intelligence and Visualize and Analyze Your Data

Predict fraudulent transactions to help you detect and prevent fraud using historical transactions and social media interaction

Data Analytics for Banking Financial services and Insurance industry

Anomaly Detection

Payoda builds technology solutions that allow you to spot anomalies that cause inefficiencies in your overall operations. Identifying and addressing these friction points helps you operate seamlessly and achieve operational efficiency.

Our capabilities help you:

Detect unusual financial transactions or increase in the number of transactions that could spell fraud

Find unusual patterns from a variety of sources for potential outliers

Report unexpected fault in systems that could turn into defects

Predictive Analytics

Using data to understand what happened can be enlightening, but extracting insights that lead to predictive future behavior can be a game changer.  Payoda’s engineers and data scientists craft predictive solutions utilizing your data that helps identify future behaviors and provides answers to critical questions, such as:

What future behaviors can I monetise to improve revenues and margins?

How can I mine insights from data sources to create personalized messages at scale?

How can customer feedback be used to improve services and maintain current clients?

Can I aggregate data to confirm my most valuable customer segment?

How can I use analytic modeling to identify organizational fraud proactively?

Where can I leverage analytics to create competitive advantages?

Fraud Analytics

Payoda engineers AI-enabled fraud solutions that allow organizations to offer new and innovative services, while simultaneously reducing false positives for secure real-time operations tracking and reporting.

Highlights include:

Integrity Screening via Behavioral Analytics

Self-learning Capability

Anomaly Detection for Payments Fraud

Flexible Rules-based Engine

Fraud Intelligence

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