B2B Product Catalog Management

Seamlessly integrate and manage your product catalog information

Understanding your client’s behavior in a B2B eCommerce environment is crucial given today’s evolving digital landscape. Leverage your eCommerce platform with our B2B Product catalog Management specifically created for retailers and brands B2B partners. Payoda’s B2B Product catalog Management solution helps enterprises accelerate the time it takes to get their eCommerce offerings to market faster by personalizing B2B catalogs, integrating in real-time with your most strategic suppliers, and consistently updating prices in real-time to stay competitive.

How can we help?

Whether your firm is a novice to eCommerce or seeks to expand globally, it is important to ensure customers are given as much detail and transparency as possible.   Our solution is designed to help you manage your eCommerce operations with the most advanced product catalogs so that you can sell your products via your customer’s most desired sales channel, to the right person, at the right time.

Payoda’s B2B Product Catalog Management solution allows you to:

Build stunning digital catalogs, line sheets, and digital showrooms

Help your retailers with their purchase decisions by pulling their selections into a custom list.

Utilize advanced collaborative tools to advance eCommerce initiatives

How do we do it?

Payoda’s engineers have tackled the most pressing eCommerce challenges for some of the largest retail brands in the world.  Our B2B Product Catalog management solution is a reflection of these efforts by helping you organize disparate data, coordinating meaningful insights and streamlining your e-commerce product offerings into a single, digital point of reference for your B2B partners.

Organize buying and selling by pulling selections into a custom list

Self-servicing buying features to boost order-placement

Enable better buying with visual assortments

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