Analytics, Marketing and Customer 360… Do you know where Customers Are?

Analytics, Marketing and Customer 360... Transitioning from Analytics to New Customer Acquisition!

Speakers: John Sydnor - VP & GM - East | Lance Porigow - EVP, Head of eCommerce Growth - The Shipyard

People have been talking about Customer 360 for years now, but very few have actually achieved it. The Covid pandemic blatantly exposed that most companies still have not mastered the art of digitally understanding their customers. All firms have access to CRM data, behavioral, social, and even multi-channel touchpoint data, so why do most still rely on historical customer personas? Is it because silos of information still exist within corporate enterprises?

Whatever the reason, this webinar will show you how harnessing the power of your data will help you discover new prospects and serve your current customers better!

June 29th, 2021 | 1 Hour

Listen to our "Customer 360 Webinar"

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